Mabuhay Senior


The Mabuhay Senior housing development, located near San José's diverse Japantown, combines the attributes of apartment units and senior services all at one location. These apartments include an underground parking facility and are located directly adjacent to the multi-purpose Filipino Community Center, which was rebuilt to accommodate and blend-in with the new units. A meditation garden which preserves the site's existing oak trees provides a majestic setting for reflection and relaxation.  
Completed:   Completed 2002-03  
Location:   488 North 6th Street, at Empire Street  
Unit Mix:   96 units; 15 ELI/79 VLI/2 Managersí Units  
Unit per Acre:   56.4  
Developer:   David Baker & Associates  
Architect:   David Baker Associates  
General Contractor:   L & D Construction  
Property Manager:   BRIDGE Property Management  
Financing:   City of San José $6,750,000;  
    Other Partners - $5,213,607  
Total Funding:   $11,963,607